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Sonin Law: Estate Planning, Trusts, Probate, Special Needs

"You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth." -- Evan Esar

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Estate Planning is so much more
than what you own.

It includes your history, your struggles and your triumphs. At Sonin Law, our planning  includes an opportunity for you to pass on your values and your story to your descendants, as well as your material belongings.

Protecting Your Family's Future


You need more than a stack of paper to protect your dreams for your family's future. To keep up with changes in your family, your finances, and the tax laws, you need an ongoing relationship with an attorney who knows you and cares about your family. At Sonin Law, we take seriously being not just attorneys but also counselors at law. We aim to be your family lawyer for life.

Estate Planning

Plan now so your property will go to those you want, when you want, in the way you want. By using a living trust, you can pass your property to your loved ones without an expensive, time-consuming probate.

Special Needs Trusts

Set aside funds to augment government benefits and give your differently-abled loved one the care and enrichment you desire for them, when you're no longer able to provide that.

Trust Administration

When you serve as trustee, you have a strict legal responsibility to administer the trust exactly as written, while complying with all state law and tax regulations. Having an attorney beside you can help you avoid mistakes and help the trust administration proceed smoothly. 


When a loved one dies with only a will, or with no estate planning, you have stress piled on top of your grief. You don't have to handle probating the estate alone. Let Sonin Law guide you through the complex process.


When a loved one cannot handle their finances, or cannot care for themselves, someone else may need to handle things on their behalf. If they do not have the mental capacity to give someone a power of attorney, you may need to petition the court to serve as their conservator.

Pet Trusts

Your pets have a piece of your heart. Ensure they will be cared for when you can't.

Attorney Profile

Barbara Sonin, Lawyer
Barbara Sonin Attorney Profile

Before she became an attorney, Barbara spent years in financial positions, in large corporations, small start-ups, and in her own tax firm. She brings that wealth of knowledge and experience to her estate planning work. Barbara focuses on involving clients in their estate planning, making sure they feel heard and that their estate plan reflects their goals and their desires.
Barbara raised five children, and now enjoys having time with her grandchildren. When Barbara isn't working with clients, she loves to read, tend her roses, and travel. 

News & Articles

December 23, 2015

The Wisdom of the Aged

More and more of us are living long lives, into the 90's and even past 100. As we age, we face life without many of our most beloved friends and relatives, who have left life before us. We may have illness or physical weakness that puts some limitations on what we can do. Are these extra years good years despite these changes? Read what several people in these years of life have to say.

December 15, 2015

Coping with the Costs of Dementia

It's wrenching to watch a loved one succumb to dementia. It's exhausting to care for them. And it can be a financial disaster if you don't plan ahead. You can plan ahead for your own future disability, including dementia. And if you're in the painful situation of already having a spouse or other family member with dementia, there are still options available.

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Whether you’re preparing your own estate plan, administering a loved one’s estate, planning for your child with a disability, or taking the painful step of having an elderly parent conserved, we will walk with you through the process. We will be sure all the legal steps are taken, but we will also listen to you, answer all your questions, and make sure you feel part of the process all the way. 

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Sonin Law is an essential business. We are available to help you even during Covid restrictions We can meet in-person (with masks), via Zoom, or on an outside patio or deck. 

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