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Barbara Sonin

Attorney Profile

Barbara Sonin is a certified specialist in estates, trusts, and probate. She has a particular focus on special needs trusts and planning for long-term care. Her motto is “caring for our clients, protecting their assets.” She focuses on caring for her clients by learning their unique struggles, hopes, dreams, fears, and goals. She works to protect their assets by crafting comprehensive estate plans that factor in their current and future assets and earnings, and income they and their heirs will need in the future.


Barbara is licensed to practice before all California courts and before the United States Tax Court. She is a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute.

Inspired to help


Barbara developed a passion for the elderly and the differently-abled in her childhood. She treasured time with the neighborhood "grandma" who put candy canes on her pine tree every Christmas and told stories of her native Norway. She saw the difficulties faced by her neighbor with a profoundly disabled son, who cared for him at home at a time when no help was available for that care. She was moved by the loneliness she saw in the developmentally-disabled adults at the state home for the developmentally disabled in her native Austin, Texas. 

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Taking action


Barbara began her college education at Stanford University, majoring in sociology. She moved to New York, where she completed a B.S. in Business Administration from Excelsior College while working full-time. After decades working in financial positions in both large corporations and small start-ups, Barbara decided to pursue a second career as an attorney. She wanted to be a different kind of lawyer, one who is more than a good technician. Barbara's goal is to provide a listening ear to help people express their real fears, desires, and goals, so she can address those fears, desires and goals in the plans she crafts.

To better serve the vulnerable, Barbara pursued the training to become licensed as a California professional fiduciary. Because she has administered special needs trusts, Barbara has a unique insight into the importance of crafting very precise plans that guide trustees in proper administration and preserve important government benefits.

Because estate planning involves all the drama and pain that sometimes exists in families, Barbara also pursued mediation training. She obtained basic mediation training, and then studied Eldercare Mediation at Pepperdine Law School’s Strauss Institute of Dispute Revolution.


Having been an enrolled agent as well as an attorney, Barbara has a strong background in the tax issues involved in wills, trusts, and special needs planning.

Behind the scenes


When she’s not working, Barbara enjoys traveling, both in the U.S. and internationally. She loves time with her five children and their children. Barbara enjoys the cultural enrichment of learning other languages, and hopes to turn her working knowledge of Spanish, German, and French into fluency. Someday Barbara hopes to spend time using her license as a ham radio operator (Technician).

Licenses and certificates


  • Admitted to the State Bar of California

  • Certified Specialist, Estates, Trusts, & Probate (California Bar Assn.)

  • Admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court

  • A Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute

  • A graduate of the Eldercare Mediation program at Pepperdine University Law School’s Strauss Institute of Dispute Resolution

  • An enrolled agent, licensed and trained to represent taxpayers from any state before the Internal Revenue Service

  • Accredited with the Department of Veterans Affairs




  • Wealth Counsel 

  • Academy of Special Needs Planners 

  • National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

  • Elder Counsel

  • State Bar of California (Estate & Probate Section; Taxation Section)

  • Yolo County Bar Association

  • California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform

  • Rotary International (Woodland (CA) Rotary Club)




  • Juris Doctorate from the Oak Brook College of Law

  • B.S. in Business Administration from the University of the State of New York


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